Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twitter Communication

Sometimes communicating on Twitter is hard. You don't always know a person's real intentions. I think people reply to tweets and comments that they are only interested in the most. There are some people you just don't want to communicate with. Some people use so much profanity, they are very moody, and you try to avoid arguements.

On Twitter, people can lie and not tell you how they really feel. They only answer your questions about certain things. They only answer you when you make a big deal out of them. You try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they keep ignoring you. Then they will turn right around and answer the same question that you asked by another person. However, they could never answer you. Your instincts should tell you that something is not right. That person may not be worth communicating with. You only want a simple yes or no answer. The best thing to do is just move on and forget them. Let them ask you a question. Let them follow you sometimes. Let them find you. Don't be a fool and do not kiss behind. Let them know that you are just as good as anyone. The person you follow is on Twitter just like you. So that means if they were better than you, they would be somewhere else.  Never feel bad on Twitter.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Using Twitter for One Subject

If you wanted to make a Twitter account for trading cards, you could tweet about a new trading card everyday. They could be your own trading cards or cards by somebody else. You could get involved with other trading card fans, and your Twitter page would make more sense.

When I set up an account on Twitter, the name of my page is nothing like what you see. If I name my page blogs, I'm probably tweeting my favorite celebrity about art more than I am about my blogs. I never stay on the subject that I am suppose to tweet about. Most of the time, I'm tweeting about everything and following everybody that has no interest in blogging.

Twitter was complicated for some people from the start. They did not understand what was going on on Twitter. They seemed to have understood Facebook better at first. Now, Twitter is starting to be like Facebook, but in it's very own unique way. It seems to be just as popular. However, some people are on both Facebook and Twitter. Some people like Twitter better and some like Facebook better. There are people that are on Facebook just as much as they are on Twitter. Some that use them both may be communicating better on Twitter than Facebook. It all depends on the person using them.

 Organizing is something that I do not try to do anymore on Twitter. I do not try to plan on a subject for Twitter. I just Tweet whatever comes to my mind. If I want to tweet my favorite song, I'll tweet my favorite song. If I feel like tweeting someone that likes sports, I will tweet someone that likes sports. It's hard when you have many things to be interested in on Twitter.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meeting Carolyn Hennsey

On Twitter, someone followed me that I did not know anything about. Her name is Carolyn Hennsey. She is the actress of General Hospital. It was very nice of her to follow me. I do not know what made her follow, but I learned that she has a website, and I am there at You can join her site too. If you do join, you can blog and share photos with her. It is a very nice site.

Carolyn Hennesy is the type of person that will not tolerate troublemakers. If you be nice to her, she will be nice to you. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tweeting Shannon Lee

Google Image

Some may say that it is hard to contact Shannon Lee (daughter of Bruce Lee). Yes, it can be hard, and it can be easy all at the same time. Sometimes Shannon may see you on Twitter and will not respond. To a fan, she might say things like, I'll try to get back with you or if I have time. However, if Shannon knows you personally and if you are not just a fan, she might respond quicker. She will say to them, "I need to talk to you." Well, that's pretty normal. That person is somebody she knows, and she will respond to them about business or some other matter.

The good thing about Shannon is she does try to communicate with her fans. Some celebrities will not say anything to their fans. They all say that they are busy, but Shannon will try to make time. So many fans tweet her on Twitter, and so many are fans of her father's.

If you feel that you are more than a fan, you can forget it. Shannon might still see you as just a fan. She doesn't know you at all. Some fans want more attention, and some fans might need more attention. They may be pretty special. Shannon does take the time to retweet art by fans of her father. It does not mean that she will retweet everybody's work and may not like everybody's work. Everybody wants to show Shannon a tattoo. Don't get offended if she doesn't say anything to you when you have something more important to say. You may have a question that she may not answer. It's probably because she doesn't want to answer it. It's better for someone to say I cannot answer that question than give no answer at all. There are some people that will get offended by that. If you cannot reach Shannon Lee on Twitter, try some other way. I tweet her sometimes, but I would like to be able to do it in private. It can be done if Shannon would follow some of her fans. She does not seem to be the type to follow fans. Some celebrities do and some won't.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Writing Programs and Twitter

Some writing programs believe in Twitter. They believe that Twitter will get you a lot of visitors along with Facebook. It never happened for me. It is good that writing programs offer social networks like Twitter, but they should not dwell on them all of the time. I think that writing programs should give you credit for your blogging even if you do not gain visitors their way. After all, a visitor is a visitor, and all visitors should count. If you earn page views from another social network other than Twitter, that is a plus for you outside of what a writing program has to offer. If writing programs are only paying you based on Twitter or one social network, that may be a bad idea for some. Not everyone is going to have success the same place, time, and way. I don't know why people think one way all of the time. I believe that the more variety that you have, the more better it is for your blogging or writing. If writing programs are dwelling on one or two networks, that particular writing program may not be a good place to write. Try a different program and someone else besides Twitter. Find ways to make things work for you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being Ignored at Twitter

I would rather someone hurt my feelings than ignore me at Twitter. Maybe if a person doesn't like someone tweeting them a lot, they should write it in their bio. Twitter is about tweeting. It should not matter how much a person Tweets you. That's what Twitter is about. If I had a million fans and could not answer them all, I would answer 10 fans a day. They would just have to be patient and wait for replies. If there was a specific fan that I would want to communicate with, I would ask that fan for an email address.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Twitter is not for Everyone

Twitter is not for everyone. Sometimes it's good to have Twitter so that people can see you.. As much traffic as Twitter has, you still may be known by only a few.

Followers and Leaders

It is not always good to follow everyone that may be following you. If someone is following a bad leader and is following you too, you can see the one that is following you and his other leader. You might see your timeline posted with garbage in conversation. Sometimes you have to let people go. We need to watch some of the ones that we follow.

No Communication and Getting Ignored

Sometimes the best communication is your blog or website. Not everyone experience the same thing. Often on Twitter, people are ignored. There are too many subjects in discussion and too many people to answer. There are all kinds of people and all kinds of interests mixed together on Twitter. We may have a profile at Twitter for a specific thing, but we communicate about many things. So if you are following someone, and if they are not communicating with you, what is the point in following them? Remember, Twitter is a social site.

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Ways of Writing and Reading

It seems that there are different ways to write these days. You can now make a newspaper out of the people you follow or you can make your newspaper pacific topics at  As you make a tweet on Twitter, that is even news. The good thing about Twitter is you write a few lines and that’s it. It seems we are being taught to write less words. As you become involve with interesting people, you are living, speaking, and writing your news online. 

Read more:

Turn Twitter into an Online Newspaper

Did you know that you could turn Twitter and Facebook into an Online Newspaper. You have to be logged into your Twitter account, and you will have to give your email address and password. You can choose to make the newspaper the Tweets and people you follow or you can make your newspaper pacific topics. You can create your newspaper at

I was already thinking that Twitter was like a newspaper, and someone already has came up with the idea. It's amazing how just having a conversation could be turned into a newspaper. Your conversation is now news as you follow interesting people involved in so much.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Timeline Looking Bare

You can see what's happening in your timeline on your homepage at Twitter. I was glad to see it bare today. There were people that I followed that were following people with sick minds. It showed up in my timeline. I do not like going to a homepage to read a bunch of profanity and sexual conversation in my timeline. However, it is good to have a timeline to see the updates on conversation to the people you follow.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Visualizing My Twitter Page as a Blog

Already, I use Blogger for blogging. If I post a link to my blog on Twitter, I would like the image of my blog to show. If I post links to my blog post, I would like to have images to show and a few lines to that post. My comments would be from those following me on Twitter in my mentions tab.

I also see Twitter adding a blog tab. We could blog short post. The post could be a short paragraph. The paragraphs could be 10 lines long. People could Tweet comments under your post. The comments could continue to be a certain amount of words.

At WordPress, you can blog your post into the style of Twitter. You can see an example here at