Thursday, November 17, 2011

Using Twitter for One Subject

If you wanted to make a Twitter account for trading cards, you could tweet about a new trading card everyday. They could be your own trading cards or cards by somebody else. You could get involved with other trading card fans, and your Twitter page would make more sense.

When I set up an account on Twitter, the name of my page is nothing like what you see. If I name my page blogs, I'm probably tweeting my favorite celebrity about art more than I am about my blogs. I never stay on the subject that I am suppose to tweet about. Most of the time, I'm tweeting about everything and following everybody that has no interest in blogging.

Twitter was complicated for some people from the start. They did not understand what was going on on Twitter. They seemed to have understood Facebook better at first. Now, Twitter is starting to be like Facebook, but in it's very own unique way. It seems to be just as popular. However, some people are on both Facebook and Twitter. Some people like Twitter better and some like Facebook better. There are people that are on Facebook just as much as they are on Twitter. Some that use them both may be communicating better on Twitter than Facebook. It all depends on the person using them.

 Organizing is something that I do not try to do anymore on Twitter. I do not try to plan on a subject for Twitter. I just Tweet whatever comes to my mind. If I want to tweet my favorite song, I'll tweet my favorite song. If I feel like tweeting someone that likes sports, I will tweet someone that likes sports. It's hard when you have many things to be interested in on Twitter.

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