Monday, May 30, 2011

Twitter is not for Everyone

Twitter is not for everyone. Sometimes it's good to have Twitter so that people can see you.. As much traffic as Twitter has, you still may be known by only a few.

Followers and Leaders

It is not always good to follow everyone that may be following you. If someone is following a bad leader and is following you too, you can see the one that is following you and his other leader. You might see your timeline posted with garbage in conversation. Sometimes you have to let people go. We need to watch some of the ones that we follow.

No Communication and Getting Ignored

Sometimes the best communication is your blog or website. Not everyone experience the same thing. Often on Twitter, people are ignored. There are too many subjects in discussion and too many people to answer. There are all kinds of people and all kinds of interests mixed together on Twitter. We may have a profile at Twitter for a specific thing, but we communicate about many things. So if you are following someone, and if they are not communicating with you, what is the point in following them? Remember, Twitter is a social site.

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