Saturday, August 13, 2011

Writing Programs and Twitter

Some writing programs believe in Twitter. They believe that Twitter will get you a lot of visitors along with Facebook. It never happened for me. It is good that writing programs offer social networks like Twitter, but they should not dwell on them all of the time. I think that writing programs should give you credit for your blogging even if you do not gain visitors their way. After all, a visitor is a visitor, and all visitors should count. If you earn page views from another social network other than Twitter, that is a plus for you outside of what a writing program has to offer. If writing programs are only paying you based on Twitter or one social network, that may be a bad idea for some. Not everyone is going to have success the same place, time, and way. I don't know why people think one way all of the time. I believe that the more variety that you have, the more better it is for your blogging or writing. If writing programs are dwelling on one or two networks, that particular writing program may not be a good place to write. Try a different program and someone else besides Twitter. Find ways to make things work for you.

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