Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tweeting Shannon Lee

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Some may say that it is hard to contact Shannon Lee (daughter of Bruce Lee). Yes, it can be hard, and it can be easy all at the same time. Sometimes Shannon may see you on Twitter and will not respond. To a fan, she might say things like, I'll try to get back with you or if I have time. However, if Shannon knows you personally and if you are not just a fan, she might respond quicker. She will say to them, "I need to talk to you." Well, that's pretty normal. That person is somebody she knows, and she will respond to them about business or some other matter.

The good thing about Shannon is she does try to communicate with her fans. Some celebrities will not say anything to their fans. They all say that they are busy, but Shannon will try to make time. So many fans tweet her on Twitter, and so many are fans of her father's.

If you feel that you are more than a fan, you can forget it. Shannon might still see you as just a fan. She doesn't know you at all. Some fans want more attention, and some fans might need more attention. They may be pretty special. Shannon does take the time to retweet art by fans of her father. It does not mean that she will retweet everybody's work and may not like everybody's work. Everybody wants to show Shannon a tattoo. Don't get offended if she doesn't say anything to you when you have something more important to say. You may have a question that she may not answer. It's probably because she doesn't want to answer it. It's better for someone to say I cannot answer that question than give no answer at all. There are some people that will get offended by that. If you cannot reach Shannon Lee on Twitter, try some other way. I tweet her sometimes, but I would like to be able to do it in private. It can be done if Shannon would follow some of her fans. She does not seem to be the type to follow fans. Some celebrities do and some won't.